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04/18/09 – Kings Island

Mini TR: Kings Island
Saturday, April 18, 2009


Originally, I was going to try to get here somewhat early, like by 1 or 2 PM. Media day changed that, plus I got sunburned, so I decided to wait until evening. Several people I know, including Dave Bowers, Paul Miller and Dave Althoff were going to be here today, which was the only thing that kept this trip on the books at all. I properly applied sunscreen over my sunburn, and headed down at about 7PM.

Got there around 7:45 and texted Paul and Dave to say I’d arrived. I took a full walking lap around the park, going through Nick, Rivertown, across to Coney and down through Action Zone. Turned around at SOB and went over to IS and up by the tower. It was right around there I got a text back from paul saying they were going to Fairly Odd Coaster, so I went over there. They were already on the ramp, so I waited at the exit until they rode.

After leaving FOC, we discussed plans quickly after passing on a short wait for the dark ride, then headed over to X-Base. Firehawk and Flight of Fear were the only credits Paul was missing, and it was after 8PM by this point.

We walked down Coney and paused by the Hi-Striker game for a few minutes. Some went down to the restrooms by Vortex, and Dave Bowers and I went over to the snack stand across from the Dodgems. I got some nachos and stood there eating them while we waited for the others to return.

While there, something I’ve never had happen to me in a park happened: We got panhandled! Some girl came up and asked if anyone had a dollar for food. We basically just ignored it and she left right before the others returned, and we headed into X-Base.

We entered the FOF ride building and found a 2/3 full hanger queue, and it’s almost 9. We bailed and entered Firehawk’s queue which was using about half of the main maze with both stations and trains in use. About 40 minutes or so later after chatting our way through the queue, we were boarding the back car of the train on the left side station.

Had a great Firehawk ride, which was Paul’s first ride on a Vekoma flyer. He loved it and deemed it better than SUF or Tatsu, and we headed over to FOF.

Rideman and another that was with him bailed from Firehawk right after entering the queue and went over to ride Diamondback, so the three of us entered the FOF hangar queue and found it EMPTY. The line only stretched into the UFO, so about ten minutes after entering the building, we were riding. They got 1.2 and I got 2.1 on the same train. Running very well, still a hard midcourse brake but it’s smooth and the trains aren’t rattling/vibrating like last year. Still has those damn foot wedges in the back rows though, by right foot was pinned hard under the outboard side of the foot bar.

It was about five minutes past close, so no chance at riding again. We walked up to the front gate to wait, and after a little while Dave, April and gang arrived.

We discussed food, and decided on the IHOP off the Fields Ertel/Mason Montgomery exit. We all left separately, and arrived at about the same time at the restaurant for a fun post-coastering late dinner.

Rides List

Firehawk (Red Back)
Flight of Fear (2.1)

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