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01/31/09 – Kings Island

Mini TR: Kings Island
Saturday, January 31, 2009
KIC Offseason Blues Party

“Walk of Fail!”

Since I’m writing this so late after forgetting to do it before, I’ll make this very brief. This was a winter event that started off at Great Wolf Lodge and ended at Kings Island. Long story short, we took a tour through the GWL conference center, through a couple different styles of rooms, through the arcade and then past the windows into the waterpark.

After that, we had to WALK to Kings Island. All the way across a NON-CLEARED parking lot, hence the Walk of Fail quote. It had been plowed closer to the front gate, but it had made it a lot worse since it scraped the hard snow that was covering up the solid layer of ice.

We finally got into the IR by way of the admin lot, and then we had to take our shoes off so we didn’t mess up the new carpeting.

I won’t go into long details here. Food was Subway, and I had a Spicy Italian and chips. Presentations by Kings Island and some others. Once it finally ended about 45 minutes past the scheduled end time, we went back out into the tundra and hiked across the lot. Paul and Zach had to leave quickly so I just followed them over to the passenger dropoff by the marquee, rather than hiking all the way over to Great Wolf again. It had gotten COLD, so it was an interesting walk back.

Ended up driving over to Great Wolf anyway, and loitered around there with Adam for like an hour. Nice and warm in that place, got some hot chocolate at Starbucks and walked all around the building again.

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