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Bye 2008!

This is a backdated post being written on June 2, 2009, starting at 8:44 PM. Several months ago now I decided that I wasn’t going to revive this blog like I said. Instead I decided to stick with Facebook, which I now use pretty much exclusively for all the social networking stuff. My blogging now is heavy use of the improved, more Twitter-like Facebook status system, and that’s also what I use for all my cameraphone photos, as I can upload them “live” right after I take them.

This will be my last post on this blog, so if there’s anyone on my friends list here that’s not already friends with me on Facebook, go ahead and add me:

Anyway, on with the long-promised 2008 wrap-up.

It was a pretty hectic end of the year. A problem with the most important (to me) parts of the main things I did online, and had been doing since July of 2004 (though this important part had only been building up since 2007 and finally started properly in May 2008), flared up. Due partially to my tendency to get stressed out and procrastinate over problems, and have trouble properly translating my feelings into text communication during such problems, it ended up lasting quite a while.

It finally culminated in my removal from that part of it fairly early in December. The loss of that, which I’d put an incredible amount of work into and was very important to me, caused me to lose interest in continuing with that stuff at all, and over the next week or two I phased out the other parts, and haven’t had any desire to return since. A lot of people who I thought were friends there turned out not to be what I thought. I’ve thought about it occasionally, but only that it might be nice if some of them would drop me an email or something asking how I’m doing or something of that nature, but not a peep. I’m not losing any sleep over it, anymore at least. The first few weeks were rough.

In a way it was a relief because I was able to get out from the nearly three-month problem, which had been greatly stressing and depressing me. Once I was out of that mess, I was able to start working on moving on. One of the things I was going to do was get back into blogging, but ultimately decided later on, sometime in January I believe, that I was going to stick to Facebook for the sake of convenience and time. Anyway, enough of that…

The holiday season preparations were pretty hectic. We had to get a new artificial tree (ended up getting a really nice one on sale at Kmart) due to the old one potentially having had mice get into its storage bag in the shed, plus it was a number of years old and starting to fall apart. Tree setup was a lot later than usual because of this.

Before that, though (I think), we had to deal with a failed water softener that had to be replaced. I believe the removal as mentioned above happened shortly after we got back from Sears to order the new softener. That got installed within a week or so.

Shopping and whatnot was busy. I was in more mall stores and such in the course of two weeks than I’d been in over the last two years. Fun though, and was feeling more free than I had in quite a long time because of aforementioned online obligations no longer trapping me to the computer all the time.

One of the main foundations of the “new life” I was working on, so to speak was getting an Xbox 360 and getting back onto the gaming scene. I had mostly dropped out of PS2 gaming once the summer had started and I focused on KI related things. Said Xbox 360 (for Christmas) was obtained at Target, along with Bioshock and then Ace Combat 6 from Gamestop right after. After finding out from online research that I hadn’t gotten the latest revision of the motherboard, we returned it and the hunt started for one of the new “Jasper” consoles, which were just starting to trickle into the retail supply chain. One was finally found and obtained at the Dayton Mall Best Buy, just a couple days before Christmas.

Christmas was good. I started gaming that night with Ace Combat 6, Bioshock and Tomb Raider Anniversary that had been found for $20 at our Walmart not long before Christmas. Got hooked up with Xbox Live Gold a couple days later.

New Years Eve was spent gaming, and then watching Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve as usual, and 2008 went out the door, to be replaced by a much better, happier 2009.

If I remember anything I’ve missed here, I’ll edit it in later.

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