Posted on December 5, 2008 at 6:31 pm

11/02/08 – Kings Island

Mini TR: Kings Island
Closing Day 2008
Sunday, November 2, 2008

“Bring Back WinterFest!”

Not long before I left, I looked at the clock, looked at the calendar, and since the weather was nice, figured I’d run down to the park for the last day, to get a last ride for the season on Vortex and take part in the last Beast rides.

I got there right about 6PM if I’m remembering correctly, and went straight back to Rivertown through Nick, briefly meeting Al on the way through Nick. Took photos of Diamondback on the way back.

Once I got to Rivertown it was still way too early to sit and wait at Beast, so I headed over to Coney Mall and rode Vortex. I was originally going to ride three times, but when my train got back there was someone waiting for my row, and I didn’t want to bother with walking around twice, so I just got off and headed back to Rivertown with Al, who I ran into on the way out of Vortex right after he got off work at the Vortex photo booth.

Headed over to the Beast plaza and loitered around there. Shortly after arriving, I went and rode Beast as quickly as I could in 1.2, then went back to waiting in the plaza while everyone else slowly arrived.

After the group was all there, and the GP had been cycled through Beast, we were led up to the station and chose our seats. I took 6.1 and Paul and Zach took 6.2 right behind my row. We got to ride twice, then we all gathered in the Beast plaza for a group photo before heading out. Some interesting views of the start of post-season cleanup on the way out, including a virtual flood of soapy water flowing out of the International Street LaRosa’s.

Rides List:

Vortex (5.1)
The Beast (1.2)
The Beast (6.1)
The Beast (6.1)

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