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11/01/08 – Kings Island

Mini TR: Kings Island
Halloween Haunt
Saturday, November 1, 2008

“Thanks For The Memories!”

The last night of Haunt. basically just did shows, as the park was really crowded and I didn’t feel like standing in lines for the haunts when I’d already done them all in previous weeks, actually I did them all on Media Night.

Saw all four showings of Dead Awakening with Shannon Marshall leading. Last show at midnight had all the cast member’s fan clubs and groupies making a lot of noise, that was interesting. I walked around a bit between shows including a full lap down Coney and around through Rivertown and back through Nick to the Showplace just before the 11PM Dead Awakening.

Originally intended to leave after the 11PM show, but since Showplace was opening again for the midnight show 15 minutes after that one ended, I figured I’d stick around for the last one. Headed out within a few minutes of the last show ending.

This was going to be my last KI visit of the season, but it ended up a little differently than I’d thought! Details in the next report…

Attractions List:

Part of Ghouls Gone Wild (8:00)
Dead Awakening (8:30)
Dead Awakening (9:30)
Ghouls Gone Wild (10:00)
Dead Awakening (11:00)
Dead Awakening (12:00)

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