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10/31/08 – Kings Island

Mini TR: Kings Island
Halloween Haunt
Friday, October 31, 2008

“That’s more like it!”

Halloween night. I got to the park a bit later than I had wanted to, but still not awful. It was about 7:40 or so when I got in. I quickly went back to Rivertown and did Red Beard’s Revenge with only about a three minute line. After that I got some Diamondback photos (as best I could get in the dark) and went over and did Urgent Scare. I walked up and the greeter was standing there and nobody else. Mind you the last time I was here for Fall Freak Out, the line was two hours from end of line to the greeter position, then they sent you straight in.

Well it’s a bit different tonight. The park’s so dead tonight they’re just using the regular Action Theater line, so the greeter sent me back alone. That was pretty eerie. The line only made it around the first switchback-like turn in the line, so it wasn’t very long at all. Longer than Red Beard, but only about 10-15 minutes at that.

Urgent Scare is still one of the best Haunt attractions, and slowly got better over the course of Haunt. Just like last Saturday at FFO, they were using the cold-water sprayers in the decontamination tent at the end, EVIL!

After Urgent Scare, I started my tour of the shows. Dead Awakening at 8:30 videotaping, but the video came out dodgy because a couple people walked right in front of me while I was taping. After this show, I went straight to Festhaus to shoot Ghouls Gone Wild at 9, then I went and got two coneys at Skyline in Coney Maul after that. I ate as I walked over to Showplace in time to watch the ending of Dead Awakening, starting a couple songs before the finale. I finished eating as I walked from Showplace to Festhaus to watch and tape the 10PM Ghouls Gone Wild.

After that show, I loitered in Festhaus for a few minutes then headed back for Showplace. I got in line so I could get a decent seat for the 11PM show, and ended up being in the second row of the front-center section. Not bad.

Once the show started I was surprised to see that Shannon Marshall had taken over for Natalie Gibson in the lead position in the middle of the night. I’d known she would be doing one of the last two nights, but wasn’t expecting the switch to happen in the middle of Friday night’s shows. She wasn’t bad, a good singer and while she was a little rusty on the timing for the dance moves, certainly did a good job.

Attractions List:

Red Beard’s Revenge
Urgent Scare
Dead Awakening (8:30)
Ghouls Gone Wild (9:00)
Ending of Dead Awakening (9:30)
Ghouls Gone Wild (10:00)
Dead Awakening (11:00)

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