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10/25/08 – Kings Island

Mini TR: Kings Island
ACE/KIE Fall Freak Out
Saturday, October 25, 2008

“Hey Clifford!”

ACE/KIE Fall Freak Out. Went well, although due to not feeling very good when I got up I didn’t get to the park until 3, started out with the Diamondback construction tour. Afterwards we walked around, then I went out with a handstamp to get my 2009 Gold Pass processed. I came back in and met back up with the group, and we rode Monster before going to the Skyline Buffet in the International Restaurant.

Afterwards, we started the Haunt. Urgent Scare was a TWO HOUR experience counting all the line, but we stood through it and had a fun time in line, looking through photos on our cameras and chatting about random things. After that we used our first VIP Haunt pass on Massacre Manor, bypassing an evil line, then I went to Dead Awakening for the 9:30 show. Shot a full video of it so I can watch it over the offseason, same as I did for 80’s.

Paul, Zach, Ty and the others had gone off toward Red Beard’s when I went to DA, and since they weren’t waiting outside Showplace when the show ended, I went and did my VIP pass for CarnEVIL. After that, I went over and sat down in Festhaus to watch some of Ghouls Gone Wild. Paul called a couple minutes after I sat down, and headed to Club Blood to meet back up with them.

We used our VIP passes for Club Blood, then I went to see the 11PM Dead Awakening, stopping to get a soft pretzel from a cart in Wasteland on the way. It wasn’t that great, so I didn’t eat much of it. I shot the 11PM DA as well just in case there were any issues with the first video.

After that show ended, it was time to gather outside Showplace for our early entry for the midnight Dead Awakening. It’s FREEZING out here by now, I had trouble holding my camcorder previously due to the cold. Met up with David Bowers outside Showplace and then joined the rest of the KIE group at the ropes with Evan. We were let in shortly afterward, and took our seats in the front row right on the center aisle. It was pretty darn cold, but we managed.

As soon as the show was over, we filed out of the Showplace and headed up to the front gate. The restroom inside the front gate was out of service, so we went over to the restroom by Invertigo instead, before heading out of the park. I walked with Dave up to the dropoff point to wait for a few minutes, then headed back to the Gold Pass section of the lot to catch my ride home.

Attractions List:

Urgent Scare
Massacre Manor
Dead Awakening (9:30)
Few minutes of Ghouls Gone Wild
Club Blood
Dead Awakening (11:00)
Dead Awakening (12:00)

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