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10/03/08 – Kings Island

Mini TR: Kings Island
Halloween Haunt
Friday, October 3, 2008

“That’s not very bad”

Met up with David Bowers and did some riding and Haunting. Overall a fun night. Urgent Scare was improved from Media Night with the addition of a bouncing platform and more detail on the outdoor portion after you exit the Action Theater building.

Son of Beast ran remarkably well for that ride, although we did spend a decent amount of extra time in line to wait for the front row. Lines overall weren’t very bad, and since we went to Urgent Scare right after park open at 7, we walked straight in with no waiting. We got in line for Cornstalkers but then saw a very short line for Invertigo, so we bailed and rode Invertigo first. Invertigo’s line only reached partially down the ramp into the station platform. Afterwards we did Cornstalkers with a pretty much non-existent wait.

Attractions List:

Urgent Scare
Vortex (7.1)
Firehawk (Second car, driver end)
Trail of Terror
Racer Red
The Worksite
Son of Beast (Blue 1.1)
Invertigo (1.2 – Midway End)

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