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09/26/08 – Kings Island

Mini TR: Kings Island
Halloween Haunt Media Night
Friday, September 26, 2008

“Dead Awakening!!!”

Media night for Halloween Haunt. Started off in the admin lot with Paul Bonifield and Zach Hardin from KIE. We got to ride in a rental ambulance from the admin lot back to Wings, where they’d set up a very well-done Fright Feast this year. Got to sit in the waiting room of the Rakes-Helbig Memorial Hospital, before being called back to go through the show part of the setup and then into the eating area.

After eating, monsters attacked the building and then rushed in, and we were led over to be first in line for the Urgent Scare haunt. Well done Haunt attraction, though it had the feel of being not quite done yet.

We proceeded to have some mini-ERT on Vortex as we were right by it before the GP got back to Coney, and we had the first train of the night all to ourselves for the first ride.

Afterward, I’ll let the list speak for itself for the rest of the night. We did every Haunt attraction including both shows, thanks to having our VIP Press Passes that allowed us to go to the front of the line on all of the indoor and outdoor mazes. Lines weren’t actually that bad for some of them, but others were plenty long enough to make us glad we had said passes.

Attractions List

Urgent Scare
Vortex (1.1)
Vortex (6.2)
Vortex (6.2)
Massacre Manor
Club Blood
Red Beard’s Revenge
Dead Awakening (8:30)
Cemetery Drive
Trail of Terror
Death Row
Urgent Scare
The Worksite
Finale of Dead Awakening (9:30)
Ghouls Gone Wild (10:00)
Tombstone Terror-Tory

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